IQ & EQ Excellence

EG Excellence ist Kooperationspartner des BFW

EG Excellence ist Kooperationspartner des BFW
EG Excellence ist Kooperationspartner des BFW
EG Excellence ist Kooperationspartner des BFW

IQ & EQ Excellence

Since the beginning of time our world has been changing, but in the last few decades the pace of this evolution is quickening exponentially. The direction and endpoint of this development are a mystery, but we can observe and try to make sense of our world.

EG –  Excellence:

“EG” stands for more than an initial. These letters represent the Latin “exempli gratia”, or “for example”. EG – Excellence takes up the exemplary meaning of the phrase as its mission and vision. We work with IQ – the ability to better filter, sort, and interpret information – and connect it with EQ (Emotional Quotient) – which deals with our capacity for emotional intelligence, and our ability to holistically perceive and interpret the non-verbal signals circulating amongst people and in our surroundings.

It is high time to free ourselves from the tyranny of a single focus on IQ and the marketing propaganda that goes along with it. When we let IQ alone be our guide, our basic needs might be met but we live with blinders on, jumping directly from one challenge to the next only to be rewarded with ever briefer bursts of dopamine. A vicious cycle, because an IQ-led life can never be truly satisfying or bring us lasting joy.

EQ, however, gives us the opportunity to expand our horizons and develop into genuine individuals.

EG – Excellence brings the two together and makes it possible for you to finally discover the true potential you can reach when you harness EQ and IQ in tandem. This is the goal of our training, workshops, and coaching services; which are grounded in the latest findings from internationally-renowned neuroscientists and research institutions.

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