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13 SEP 2018 – HR Tomorrow Summit – German Chamber of Commerce Shanghai
Future of HR is available: compatibility of brain hemispheres and brainwaves. China is ahead of us with their openness to new things & technology.
Organized by AHK – German Chamber of Commerce. my impact speech :
Young talents at Porsche Shanghai
LifeSkills4Me – event on 4th September: BE A SOLUTION TO YOUR STRESS
5th september EU cham event with brilliant minds!
15.06.2018 PORSCHE Shanghai – Neuroscience of Change
14.06.2018 – Art + Shanghai Gallery
12.06.2018 – Rotary Club Shanghai – Challenge of Change. Neuroscience of Change.
13.06.2018 – Walmart Shanghai – Neuroscience of Variety
Speakers and Talents Introduction – RisingClub上升俱乐部 2018-05-04
Female Vibes! Why should we be lucky to be female?! — 8.5.2018
M&Y group- Has Teamwork become a Buzzword? 7 May 2018