LifeSkills4Me is a not-for-profit global organization that boosts Life Skills for individuals through practical personal development workshops. At LifeSkills4Me events, you can:

Learn from the speakers and guests alike about Personal Development.

Share your Life Experience tips and hacks.

Join a Life Skills Advocates Community to connect with an inspiring network and contribute to each other’s growth.

LifeSkills4Me has 1300+ members across 8 branches around the world, including Berlin (Germany), Boston (USA), Beijing (China), Zhuhai (China), Qingdao (China), and three branches in Shanghai (China).

We are a community of Life Skills Advocates promoting personal growth on daily basis!



Founded: February 2017

Meeting frequency: biweekly

Fee: gatherings are free; workshops are between 8-58 RMB


Contacts: Anastasiia Isakii, CEO & Co-founder of LifeSkills4Me


WeChat Page: LifeSkills4Me