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Our team recently undertook training with EG Excellence to increase the efficiency of our work flow—a job that begins with the people on board and the priorities they set. After the workshop, I had the impression that team members became more aware of who they are and what they do. All in all, it was a great experience and something we would like to repeat to ensure what we learnt sticks! It was particularly helpful for managers from different generations—highlighting that each generation has its own strengths. The training demonstrated that when people learn that their brain and its programming is changeable, they start making real progress.

I can warmly recommend the EG Excellence Team.

Kathrin Keiper

SCHINDLER N/W  – Head of personnel

DJV hosted a series of workshops with Eveline Goodman/EG Excellence — all of which were booked out in a matter of days. Journalists in particular need to know how to deal with stress and EG Excellence gave as an operations manual that explained how we live and how we tick in a completely fresh way; understandable, direct, and to the point. We intend to hold further trainings with EG Excellence in the future.

Andre Gählert

DJV – General manager

I have worked on executive evaluations with Eveline Goodman on so many occasions, and across more than one continent! She has an amazing sense for people that helped me to make the right decisions for my firm and undertake change with the right people. She is unique—once she gets to know you she will find the best candidates that match your vision, so that success becomes an addiction!

Oswald Schmid

Sinigual Consulting GmbH – Founder

Executive Interim Partners –  Partner

It has been a pleasure working with Eveline Goodman over the years; from assessments to change management to team events,  she has always been a highly competent and to the point consultant and executive who one must have on their side.

Meinolf Pohle


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