Change starts with an open mind

Our philosophy: balance the head and the heart.

Here at EG Excellence, we are passionately committed to the professional application of Emotional Intelligence. Creating stronger connections between our IQ (our intellect) and EQ (our emotional knowledge) can lift professional effectiveness and result in understanding, harmony, and productivity in our relationships and between our inner and outer selves.

The science behind our methods: the brain is a muscle – it can be flexed and strengthened

Every second, we use our brain intensively and yet, we know so little about it. Modern neuroscience shows us that adult brains are not “hard-wired” like we were led to believe: we can form new neural connections when needed, turn thought pathways into high-speed motorways, and travel down new cognitive routes to generate new behaviors.

Informed by neuroscience and modern psychological insights, we focus on a rigorous development-oriented approach that is practical, personalized, and supportive. Through this, we believe that lifelong learning – and unlearning – is possible at any age and career stage.

A team that embraces change

Our experienced consultants are both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Each brings their own unique professional, personal, and educational background, and each is uniquely their own person. But one thing unites us: the belief and experience that if you want to change something, you need to get uncomfortable. We’ve mastered getting uncomfortable and are here to guide you with our experience and knowledge.

Eveline Goodman

Managing Director

For more than ten years, Eveline has prepared individuals to approach challenging tasks with enthusiasm and ability, pushing them to grow beyond their own limits. She is trusted not only by international companies and renowned organizations, public figures too rely on her abilities to deliver results.

Her specialty – and her passion – is connecting talents and options. Eveline recognizes potential, links it to tasks and positions, and takes pleasure in regularly overstepping the boundaries of conventional personnel and management training. Her focus on leadership upskilling and IQ & EQ improvement programs within top executive levels as well as her potential analysis for selection and compatibility, especially in board levels, is based on her comprehensive academic background (Psychology and Neuroscience) as well as her experience operating as an international executive.

For many years, she has led workshops, presentations, road shows, and coaching sessions for individuals, companies, and organizations from diverse sectors (real estate, medicine, journalism, among others) – both in German and in English. Her charm, wit, and insight make her a memorable, individual, and – if need be – refreshingly undiplomatic consultant.

Gunter Büchau

Neuroscience Assessor

Gunter Büchau is an entrepreneur living his passion for communications. The many firms he has co-founded attest to his talent and experience in the field. He gathered his first communications experience working in the fast-paced music industry, with a small record label and a music agency. After further training and study, he grew his knowledge working as a coach, trainer, and lecturer, vocations that ultimately led him to founding a new communications agency.

Gunter Büchau knows that the key to personnel development is personal development, and he applies this philosophy in every facet of his work. His calm approach and refined eye for the skills and needs of others are central to his approach, whether he is consulting or managing his own companies. He encourages clients to adopt a serene outlook and take the time to consider their underlying values, habits, and motivations. Having a clear understanding of these fundamental driving factors, he believes, is essential for long-term success. Helping clients work out how to integrate these fundamentals is Gunter Büchau’s ultimate aim as a consultant.

Jörg Hüttman

Communication Consultant

For more than 20 years Jörg Hüttmann has been operating across the field of marketing and PR communication. As a copywriter, he finds the right words to cater to a wide range of industries. As a specialist book author, he summarizes his know-how and experience in a comprehensible and practice-oriented manner. As a consultant, he supports self-employed individuals, and small and medium-sized companies in aligning their communications with a target-group orientation. Finally, as a storytelling trainer, he works out the entrepreneurial uniqueness of his trainees in a direct and trusting exchange and helps them win the hearts of their customers.

After his four-year service with the German Army and his communication design studies at the Hamburg Technical School of Art, Jörg Hüttman started working for a renowned creative firm. He was a partner and creative manager of a small agency, worked in marketing for an IT and management consultancy, and since 2013 has been looking after his German and international clients as a sole proprietor.

Wolfgang Dürr


As a trained commercial lawyer, Wolfgang Dürr has a wealth of experience in working with people in a wide range of situations. From positions at Daimler Benz AG, as labour director at Mannesmann AG, personnel director at Deutsche Bahn AG and as managing partner of the medium-sized firm MITREUTER | DÜRR GmbH, the management of people is Wolfgang Dürr’s enduring passion.

He has been invited on multiple occasions to contribute to panel discussions at Konrad-Adenauer-Haus in Berlin as a representative of German business, speaking, among other things, on the topic “Integration of Spanish engineers in the German economy” (see report Frontal 21 and SWR) as well as about the need to advance managerial culture in medium-sized German companies.

Further, as a lecturer at Steinbeis University, he trains junior managers for their future duties in a practice-oriented way. He knows the work like the back of his hand thanks to his own experience from the field. His mission is to pass on this expertise and encourage others to use it.

Wolfgang Dürr consults for EG Excellence and advises on matters of labour law. Clients of EG Excellence profit from his legal expertise and experience gathered through his own significant managerial career. After candidates undergo potential analysis with Eveline Goodman, Wolfgang Dürr takes over to support clients in drafting sound and legal-binding exit strategies as needed.

Partner company

EforP - an upskilling and consulting company with a different way of looking at business

EG Excellence works closely with our sister company EforP. EforP’s Neuroscience Trainings demonstrate how you can practically apply neuroscience and psychology insights to boost your professional potential as a young talent, HR leader, or executive – or to unlock it in others as a certified coach.

If you’re a European SME that’s considering expanding to China or the other way around, EforP Consulting Services will give you the right recommendations for your founding and expansion process in Europe or China. With bases both in Berlin and Shanghai, a network in both territories, and 20 years of experience as multipliers, they’re well equipped to help you start and grow.

EforP Communication Services offers language coaching and translation services, because international communications is part of modern business. Their language workshops and coaching use real-life business settings to help you learn English and Spanish in an interactive and personalized way.