Change happens through not processes

Change happens through people, not processes

Does this typical, comfortable, and totally unsustainable pattern sound familiar?

An organisation recognises the opportunities and risks of imminent change, but all too often falls into a defensive and reactionary mode. In challenging times, it is tempting for managers to retreat. But we know that change management starts by proactively changing people.

Team optimization lays the foundation for successful change management

EG Excellence takes the interrelationships, networks, and communication channels that are so critical to success within a team, and brings them to the front line of change situations. We not only want to convey to each team member their absolute and particular role within the group – we also want to unravel the highly sensitive relationships and mutual dependencies within a team and optimize them for the benefit of all members. Team optimization underscored with a company-wide holistic perspective gives organizations the necessary foundation for taking on risk, meeting new challenges, and leading their people through change.

You can train your brain for change

Organizations of all sizes and across all industries would do well to understand, as quickly and profoundly as possible, the true centre of human progress – the brain.

We provide an illuminating and rule-changing insight into our most important muscle and seamlessly incorporate this inner vision with targeted training techniques. By giving leaders and managers the support to undergo intellectual, social, and technical development, we help firms flourish in turnaround situations, turning challenges into opportunities.

“I have worked on executive evaluations with Eveline Goodman on so many occasions, and across more than one continent! She has an amazing sense for people that helped me to make the right decisions for my firm and undertake change with the right people. She is unique—once she gets to know you she will find the best candidates that match your vision, so that success becomes an addiction!”

Arnim Rohns

Chief Finance Officer EDAG Shanghai Ltd.


“I have worked with EG Excellence for years, and benefited greatly from their potential analyses. It’s amazing how effectively I can engage with candidates after reading Eveline’s assessments. Thanks to these reports, I am better able to understand a candidate before beginning the outplacement process. As a legal adviser and labour issue consultant, I can certainly recommend EG Excellence!”

Wolfgang Dürr

Lawyer and Managing Director MitreuterDürr

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