Building a strong team is more than ticking boxes

People don’t fit into standardized boxes, and there is no one definition of success.

The concept of a “model employee” has long passed its zenith. Every company and every team has different needs and every person has unique potential.

Performance needs teamwork and teamwork needs compatibility

EG Excellence places a special emphasis on relationships and employee compatibility: Can superiors and candidates work constructively and appreciatively with one another or not? 

In our assessments and analyses we look at candidates – and of course, clients – from a holistic perspective. All parts must fit together – from corporate culture and philosophy, to superiors, colleagues, employees, and the candidate themselves.


Methods that deliver deeper insights into true potential

Our approach is based on the science of psychology, neuroscience, and years of professional experience. Our methods uncover the minimum compatibility that is critical to success on an individual basis, and enables both client and candidate to gain an authentic insight into the expectations and capabilities of the potential partner. The findings of our evaluations go far beyond the standards of the most demanding clients in terms of explanatory power and detail.

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